About ME


Where it all began…

Fed up of store-bought candles that didn’t burn properly, didn’t smell great or didn’t look right in my home, I started Adam's Apothecary from my own desire to create a candle with scents that I loved, in a style that worked for me! Fast forward many hours of testing, burning & stress… we’ve made it this far!


Inspired by Scandinavian style & interiors, I wanted to create a candle that would look and smell just right, in any setting. I’ve created adaptable, sleek and highly scented candles that will fit into any decor, in any home.

All of my candles are handmade by me, Adam, in the heart of my house (the kitchen!) Each and every candle contains not only soy wax & a wick, but the time & care I put into make sure everything is ‘just right’.

Thanks for stopping by!
- Adam