FAQs & Candle Care

Are your products vegan?

Yes! All of our products are vegan. We use the finest soy wax & fragrance oils from a wonderful supplier. Additional information is available on request.

How long will my candle burn?

A few factors will affect how a candle burns, including where it’s placed and how it is burnt. On average, we give the following estimates:

9cl – up to 15 hours
20cl – up to 30 hours
30cl – up to 40 hours

How can I get the most from my candle?

There are a number of factors that can affect your candle performance. We recommend burning your candle for 3-4 hours each time you light it. This will help avoid “tunneling” of the wax (where wax is left around the side of the glass.)

Your candle may not reach a full melt pool (wax fully melted to the sides) until the 2nd or 3rd time you burn it. This is purely for safety. We use the correct size wick in our candles to ensure our glasses don’t get too hot the further the candle burns down the jar.

We do not recommend burning your candle for much more than 4 hours as you may run the risk of mushrooming, large flames & flickering.

My wick has a mushroom?

If the end of your wick looks a little like a mushroom, this is normal! Some oils react differently when burning and it can cause a small buildup of carbon on the end of the wick. This will not affect the candle & does not cause any harm.

We recommend you trim your wick to 5mm each time you light your candle to reduce the chances of mushrooming, therefore getting more out of your candle.

If you want to get rid of a mushroom sooner, simply extinguish, wait for the wax to begin hardening, snip off the mushroom & relight!

When will my order arrive?

All of our candles are posted within 1-2 working days, 2nd Class through Royal Mail (weight dependent.) If you need your order sooner, or it to be tracked or signed for, send a message through the contact form with your order reference and we can arrange another delivery option.

Can I have a refund?

Of course we hope you love our candles, but there may be times when it just wasn’t what you want or you changed your mind. That’s okay. We ask you to get in touch for more details within 7 days of receiving your order. We’ll provide you with a full refund when the item has been returned to us. Return postage will be at the customers expense.